Doctor Strange Casting Issues

Come November, people will be lining up in cinemas to finally see the latest superhero come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After months of getting just glimpses of Doctor Strange online courtesy of a number of teasers and the official trailer first shown at the Comic Con back in April, Marvel fans will finally see the Sorcerer Supreme and his merry band of powerful beings.

This early, the Benedict Cumberbatch starrer has had its share of controversy. Foremost of the issues thrown against Doctor Strange is the casting of Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One. Fans of the Supreme Sorcerer know that The Ancient One is of Asian ethnicity. The Academy Award-winning Swinton is nowhere near that. She is of Anglo-Scottish heritage. She also has a little Australian blood in her veins.

In their defense, the Marvel studio expressed their desire to instill diversity in their films; hence, the casting of Swinton and African American Zendaya as Mary Jane in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Another point of contention from the Marvel bigwigs is that the Ancient One is just a title passed down to those chosen as the Sorcerer Supreme.

Additionally, the comic book Ancient One is male. While Tilda is capable of portraying male roles (she has been rumoured to play the late David Bowie in a biopic which she has denied), playing the mentor of Stephen Strange is a completely different thing. However, even with the initial backlash, her talent is undeniable and her portrayal has become one of the things to watch out for.

In a few months, we will finally know if the reimagining of The Ancient One is well worth it and if the performance of the always brilliant Swinton will sway the comic diehards to her side. Aside from catching the Doctor Strange full movie on the big screen, waiting for blurry downloads and buying pirated copies, you can also watch Doctor Strange stream and so on.